3d Princess Front Slide

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Neville Peppers
what a great service your company offers, on time clean tidy and the delivery driver so friendly , nice one Mike
Chris Pullen
We hired a castle for our wedding on 6th August 2016, very professional, reliable, on time, easy booking system and bouncy castle in good condition, also had it for overnight Whitch enertained our small wedding guested into the night.
Great jumping castle! Lovely men came to put up, even though we booked it very last minute. Really appreciate the amazing service! Kids had the best day!!!!! Very reasonable price!
Vicky Lomas
Absolutely brilliant service. Would definitely recommend
Old Price: £80.00
Our Price: £80.00
Weekday Price: £80.00
Weekend Price: £80.00
Overnight Price: £30.00
Overnight Bookings: Our Price + Overnight Price
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princess slide 3d

Hiring a princess-themed bouncy castle for a party can offer several advantages, creating a magical and memorable experience for the celebration. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Thematic Appeal: A princess-themed bouncy castle adds a magical and enchanting element to the party. The castle design, often adorned with princesses, castles, and fairy-tale imagery, creates a visually appealing and thematic setting.
  2. Imaginative Play: Children can engage in imaginative play, pretending to be royalty or characters from their favorite fairy tales. This type of play enhances creativity and allows kids to immerse themselves in a fantasy world.
  3. Gender-Neutral Fun: While princess themes are often associated with girls, a princess-themed bouncy castle can still be enjoyed by children of all genders. It provides a fun and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in the festivities.
  4. Active Entertainment: Bouncy castles offer a physically active form of entertainment. Children can bounce, jump, and play, promoting physical activity while having a great time.
  5. Photo Opportunities: The princess-themed bouncy castle can serve as a beautiful backdrop for photos, capturing magical moments during the party. Parents and guests can document the celebration with pictures of the children enjoying the castle.
  6. Safe and Controlled Environment: Bouncy castles are designed with safety in mind. They provide a controlled environment where children can play and have fun under adult supervision, reducing the risk of injuries associated with other outdoor activities.
  7. Party Focal Point: The princess-themed bouncy castle can become a focal point for the party, attracting attention and becoming a central element of the celebration. It adds to the overall atmosphere and excitement of the event.
  8. Memorable Experience: The unique and enchanting nature of a princess-themed bouncy castle contributes to creating a memorable experience for the birthday child and their guests. It's a special feature that can make the party stand out in their memories.

In summary, a princess-themed bouncy castle brings a touch of magic, creativity, and active play to a birthday party, making it a delightful and enjoyable experience for children and their families

.this bouncy castle is realistic for an inflatable as possible.

The castle is fit for any princess . a slide that brings you out the front.

Only our 12x14, H frame and Combo slide castles will fit through standard house doorways

Why not hire our Connect Four game, game, or Giant Jenga game only £30 for one or £45 for two.

A bluetooth speaker for £10 adds great background music during your event so you can play your favourite songs!

Beat the Bleep is £45 and not part of the offer

Call Mike on 07760907387.

Delivery to Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and areas of Wythenshawe.

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